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Your Dog's Home Away
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Your Dog's Home Away

Overnight Dog Boarding

Spend the night with friends at your home away from home.  Cage-free boarding is like a slumber party for dogs.

Dog Boarding Rates

Why Board Cage-Free?

Our cage-free home boarding setting will allow your dog to enjoy the freedom and comfort that they are used to having at home during their boarding stay. Here, our highly interactive environment will give your dog all the socialization and attention he needs to be happy during your temporary absence.

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Boarding a la carte (24 hrs)
*Additional dog
*Puppies < 1 yr
*Extra large dogs (80-100 lbs)
Holiday Rates

.....+$30 per
.....+$15 per dog


New Year....
Memorial Day....
4th of July....
Labor Day....

01/01 - 01/02
04/15 - 04/17
05/27 - 05/30
07/01 - 07/04
09/02 - 09/05
11/21 - 11/27
12/19 - 12/31

Other Fees

Transportation Fees:

Convenient Pick-Up*

...$20 Each Way
.....$25 Each Way
*Convenient Pick-Ups are only applicable when I'm already in town and nearby.

Puppies under 1: $15/day*
depends on behavior - If there's no chewing, marking or behavioral problems, there will be no fee.

Pet owner is responsible for property damaged or destroyed.

Dog Boarding Reminders: all dogs MUST get along. No aggressive behavior allowed.

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